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  • RoxetteIt Must Have Been Love (Christmas For The Broken-Hearted) -- OST Pretty Woman --04:46

  • RoxetteIt Must Have Been Love (OST Красотка)04:00

  • RoxxeteIt Must Have Been Love04:00

  • RoxetteIt Must Have Been Love04:47

  • Tough LoveYou've Been Cheating (Him Self Her Remix)07:01

  • A-Ha You're With MeIn The Dark Space When I Close My Eyes I See Your Face Shining Like The Moon In The Night And I Must Tell You From My Heart I've Been Waiting My Time My Love, All Over The World You're With Me03:45

  • AdeleIf It Handnt Been For Love (

  • Glee CastIt Must Have Been Love04:28

  • роксетIt Must Have Been Love04:00

  • Tough LoveYou've Been Cheating (Original Mix)05:41

  • ScorpionsStill Loving You(If We'd Go Again All The Way From The Start I Would Try To Change The Things That Killed Our Love Yes, I've Hurt Your Pride And I Know What You've Been Through You Should Give Me A Chance This Can't Be The End I'm Stil06:08

  • RoxetteIt Must Have Been Love04:46

  • Roxette13 - It Must Have Been Love (live) (Альбом Charm School - 2011)07:05

  • RoxxetIt Must Have Been Love (Песня из фильма "красотка")04:00

  • Daniel LioneyeNever Been In Love02:38

  • Glee CastIt Must Have Been Love04:24

  • Мария РакIt Must Have Been Love03:08

  • РоксетIt Must Have Been Love04:47

  • Cutting CrewI`ve Been In Love Before05:08

  • Владислав КурасовIf Must Have Been Love (Piano Version) (Concert Live Vocals)02:59

  • ScorpionsWhen You Came Into My Life-You Give Me Your Smile A Piece Of Your Heart You Give Me The Feel I've Been Looking For You Give Me Your Soul Your Innocent Love You Are The One I've Been Waiting For I've Been Waiting For We're Lost In A Kiss A05:28

  • Per GessleIt Must Have Been Love04:00

  • Мария РакIt Must Have Been Love (Roxette Cover)02:46

  • Маша РакIt Must Have Been Love02:46

  • Another Five MinutesLove Like You've Never Been Hurt02:49

  • RoxetteIt Must Have Been Love (из к/ф "Красотка")04:47

  • Tomas NevergreenSearch And You Will Find There Is No Reason I Can't Convince Myself To Let You Go I Never Promised You It Would Be Easy It Seems To Me That Nothing's Fair In Love Since You've Been Gone Baby You've Been On My Mind Since You've 03:41

  • RoxetteIt Must Have Been Love (LIVE!)06:01

  • RoxetteIt Must Have Been Love (Музыка из сериала Физрук 20 серия)04:50

  • JLoIf You Only Knew...What I've Been Going Through...Waiting And Wanting You...Could This Be Love? Oh,tell Me Could This Be Love?04:26

  • The Divine ComedyHave You Ever Been In Love03:10

  • Mans Zelmerloew - Brother Oh Brother (Ali Payami Original Mix)I've Been There I Thought She Was The One Until I Realized That She Was Gone, Ooooo Beauty Can't Describe The Way She Looked I Was A Fool, For Love Please Don't Make The Same Mistakes I Did, Don't Let Her Win Don't Give In 03:57

  • Talib KweliNever Been In Love05:00

  • RoxetteNo Se Si Es Amor (It Must Have Been Love)04:42

  • Peach Stealing MonkeysIf It Hadn't Been For Love (Adele Cover)02:58

  • Slava Jamm (Roxette)It Must Have Been Love | Slava Jamm Piano02:54

  • ♫Morris Day And The Time - Jungle LoveI - I've Been Watching U I Think I Wanna Know Ya (know Ya) Said I, I'm A Little Dangerous Girl, I'd Love 2 Show Ya (show Ya) My Jungle Love, Yeah I Think I Wanna Know Ya (know Ya) Jungle Love Girl, I'd Love 2 Show Ya (show Ya) 03:03

  • RoxetteIt Must Have Been Love - минус 2 4Milena04:31