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  • Triptone Feat June CaravelLet Me Be Free (Side Liner Remix)04:01

  • Basshunter "Angel In The Night" You Are My Light In The Dark You Are The Beating In My Heart But That Is Not Enough Will I Ever Be By Your Side Your Hair Is Dancing In The Wind Your Eyes Are Burning Off My Skin And I'm So Happy When I See That You Are Smiling Back At Me ...03:23

  • Golden EarringI Could Bet On New-years Eve He'd Call Me Up At Night From The Other Side Of The World Ed Was Always There Alright Ed's Got The Looks Of A Movie Star Ed's Got The Smile Of A Prince He Ride A Bike Instead Of A Car I Wanna Be His Friend Dancing 03:53

  • I Wish I Could Be Close To YouI Can’t Sleep At Night I’m Staring At The Phone Knowing You Are Not Alone She Is Right There By Your Side I’m Trying Just To Hide All The Things I Feel Inside I Can Sense The Chemistry When You Are Standing Close To Me I Feel Like A Ship Is Lost At Sea Is04:40

  • Britney Spears [In The Zone B-Side]She'll Never Be Me (Official Version)03:03

  • I Want Everybody To Be On The Right Side I Feel Excited Right About Now Give Me Some More Eddy Wata Bonbadmemt I Love My People Singing In The Sunrise Blow Your Whistle Oh No I Love My People Singing In The Sunrise With A Reason Oh No La La L04:27

  • Thomas Anders & Uwe Fahrenkrog - GigoloI Get Glass I Get Style You’re In Love You Want Me To Stay For A While Novel Be The Man By Side Mister IT Got No Heart Got My Soul It’s So Cool I Let You Think That You’re In Control It’s A Game You Just Can’t Way You Can Win Just Remem03:21

  • Tomorrow Never It`s A Perfect Day Don`t Be So Shy You Get Me High Everything Shines It`s All So Fine Wouldn`it Be So Nice To Walk On A White Side 04:23

  • Santa EsmeraldaDont Let Me Be Misunderstood (1977) Side 1 Vinyl Rip16:26

  • ANASTASIA PRIHODKO-ACTION Eurovision 2011I Don’t Wanna Be Alive By Your Side And I Know I’m Gonna Send – Mayday I Don’t Wanna Have A Deal, Your Chill Eyes ‘Cause They Cut Me Like A Knife – Baby Wish You’d Feel A Bit Alone When I’m Gone Wanna See You Come Above – Tease Me ..03:00

  • Yves Larock - By Your SideHey... Don't You Worry... Confide In Me When I... Say Not To Worry... Cuz I'll Be By Your Side... 03:25

  • AkcentDelight-- [...I Really Wanna Feel The Way I’am On Tonight I Want U By My Side To Kiss And Hold U Tight I Wanna Stay Forever Here I Really Do It’s Gonna Be A Crazy Night For Me And You...]03:48

  • Dionne Warwick/Stevie Wonder/Gladys Knight/Elton JohnThat's What Friends Are For /... Knowing You Can Always Count On Me For Sure - That's What Friends Are For, For Good Times And Bad Times I'll Be On Your Side Forever More - That's What Friends Are For...04:16

  • ♥♥♥I Still Believe In Your Eyes; I Just Don't Care What You've Done In Your Life. Baby I'll Always Be Here By Your Side; Don't Leave Me Waiting Too Long, Please Come By! I, I, I, I Still Believe In Your Eyes; There Is No Choice, I Belon07:01

  • Eddy WataI Want Everybody To Be On The Right Side .I Feel Excited .Right About Now .Give Me Some More Eddy Wata Bonbadmemt .I Love My People .Singing In The Sunrise Blow Your Whistle Oh No .I Love My People .Singing In The Sunrise With A Reason03:29

  • The CureIt Used To Be Me (B-Side Of The 13Th)06:50

  • I Keep Your Picture Beside My Bed And I Still Remember Everything You Said I Always Thought Our Love Was So Right I Guess I Was Always Thought You`d Be By My Side Papa Now You`re Gone What I Wanna Know Baby What We Had Was Good How Come You Don`t Call Me 04:23

  • Cosmic Gate & Emma HewittBe Your Sound Meet Me Tonight Here I Know We’re Gonna Run Away Leaving The Old Fear Looking For A New Place I Can Feel A Storm Near The Dream Won’t Go Away So Meet Me Tonight Dear And We’ll Run Into A New Day And Through It All I’m On Your Side N04:14

  • Santa EsmeraldaDont Let Me Be Misunderstood (1977) Side 2 Vinyl Rip16:54

  • David VendettaTake Me Higher (feat. Akram)I Love To See When You Smile It Makes Me Happy Don't Ask Me Why I Love To Be By Your Side I Never Worry A Shame To High... 06:29

  • Chris IsaakLie To Me (There Is A Woman, Far Over The Sea. Standing And Waiting, Praying For Me. Here I Lie Sleeping, A Girl By My Side. Who Am I Hurting, Each Time I Lie.There Is A Woman, Trying Hard To Be Brave. The Way That I Hurt Her, Has Made Her Afraid. Things 04:11

  • Rico LoveIf It's, If It's , If It's A Crime It's Worth Just To Be The Man Who Guess To See Ya Baby I'm Doing Time …. I'm Doing Time. If The …tonight I Wouldn't Care If I Have You Right By My Side I Won't Complain Take Me Away..04:12

  • Yves Larock - By Your Side - Hey Dont You Worry Confide In Me When I Say Not To Worry Cause Ill Be By Your Side..03:28

  • ♫ BTForget Me (Radio Edit) I'll Give To You If You Give To Me I Always Want To Hear What's On Your Mind And From The Other Side, Can You Still Answer Me 'Cause We All Crave To Be Understood...yeah And What I Want To See And What I Need To Hear 04:28

  • Beverley Knight...Even When U Lost Your Faith In Love, Even When There Is No Light Above, Even When U Wanna Run And Hide I'll Be By Your Side... Baby, If U Put Your Trust In Me I Will Keep This Fire Burning.03:54

  • My 1st DubStep..I Turn My Head To The East I Don't See Nobody By My Side I Turn My Head To The West Still Nobody In Sight So I Turn My Head To The North, Swallow That Pill That They Call Pride The Old Me Is Dead And Gone, The New Me Will Be Alright..04:55

  • HoobastankThe Reason // I've Found A Reason For Me To Change Who I Used To Be A Reason To Start Over New And The Reason Is You I've Found A Reason To Show A Side Of Me You Didn't Know A Reason For All That I Do And The Reason Is You.03:51

  • ShakiraDreams For Plans... Can You Tell Me How I Used To Be? Have I Missed My Chance? Have I Changed My Hopes For Fears And My Dreams For Plans? Can You Tell Me How It Used To Be When We Really Cared? And When Love Was On Our Side.... 04:04

  • AkcentI Really Wanna Feel The Way I’am On Tonight I Want U By My Side To Kiss And Hold U Tight I Wanna Stay Forever Here I Really Do It’s Gonna Be A Crazy Night For Me And You...03:42

  • It Could Be Ten But Then Again I Can't Remember Half An Hour Since A Quarter To Four Throw On Your Clothes The Second Side Of Surfer Rosa And You Leave Me With My Jaw On The FloorHey!! Just When You Think You're In Control Just When You Think You've Got A Hold Just When You Get On A Roll02:59

  • The Other SideJust Be Good To Me05:08

  • Platinum S.Emotions On The Dancefloor (Let Us Hide, Let Us Hide Our Wings Deep Inside. Let Us Fly, Let Us Fly Together In The Sky. Just Call Me, Call Me, Baby, And I'll Be Here By Your Side And It Will Be Like We Do... Emotions Make Us So High. (so, Let's H05:15

  • Fire Side Spiritual SingersOh Lord Help Me (VA - This May Be My Last Time Singing- Raw African-American Gospel On 45 RPM 1957-1982 2011)02:29

  • Demis Roussos - 1974 - "My Only Fascination" LP, Side B 07. Lovely Lady Of Arcadia 08. Shadows 09. Reverie 10. We Pretend 11. Let It Be Me [Je T'appartiens]18:24

  • Be Silent Ft DreadfulThe Real Side Of Me03:29

  • Norah JonesThinking About You (When You Sail Across The Ocean Waters, And You Reach The Other Side Safely, Could You Smile A Little Smile For Me? 'cause I'll Be Thinkin' About You...)03:02

  • Deep-SideDon't Be Mad At Me04:07

  • Leon Bolier Feat. Fisher By Your Side (I Will Be There) - "KISS Me Beautiful..., LOVE Me Beautiful..., TOUCH So Beautiful......." 05:28

  • TELE/VISIONSLet Me Be (No One Will Dance B-Side)03:23

  • Vbots.ruTake A Breath,Rest Your Head,Close Your Eyes.You're Alright.Just Lay Down.Turn My Side.Do You Feel My HeatOn Your Skin?Take Off Your Clothes,Blow Out The Fire.Don't Be So Shy.You're AlrightYou're AlrightTake Off My Clothes.Oh Bless Me Father!Don't Ask Me Why.You're AlrightYou're Alright00:22

  • Maher Zain (I Praise Allah For Sending Me You)For The Rest Of My Life I'll Be With You, I'll Stay By Your Side Honest And True, Till The End Of My Life I'll Be Loving You03:54

  • D-SideLet Me Be The One02:53