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  • Yung (Prod. Max Barbaria)04:10

  • Korgoth Of BarbariaOst01:56

  • Movimientos Invisibles Del SolBarbaria07:01

  • DJ Vibe & Max BarbariaYou Lay It Right02:43

  • Lee HoldridgeBar Fight; Tell Me, Do You Know Of The Wizard Specules?; The Quest Begins (Korgoth Of Barbaria OST)03:31

  • Lee HoldridgeSpecules Floating Castle; Hairy Balls Of The Gods (Korgoth Of Barbaria OST)03:29

  • Lee Holdridge(Korgoth Of Barbaria OST)Bar Fight&The Quest Begins01:42

  • Movimientos Invisibles Del SolBarbaria 07:02

  • Lee HoldridgeI've Dated Uglier Girls Than You For Breakfast; Finale (Korgoth Of Barbaria OST)02:44

  • The Adventures Of DJ Vibe & Max BarbariaYoung Mooglys05:15

  • Lee HoldridgePrologue & Korgoth Of Barbaria; Main Title (Korgoth Of Barbaria OST)01:17

  • Britney SpearsTrip To Your Heart (Max Barbaria Remix)01:06

  • Korgoth Of BarbariaIntro00:40

  • Korgoth Of BarbariaFlight00:27

  • Korgoth Of BarbariaCrusade01:13

  • Korgoth Of BarbariaIntro00:32

  • Korgoth Of BarbariaIn A Tavern Brawl00:15

  • Korgoth Of BarbariaThe Golden Goblin00:18

  • Dj Vibe & Max BarbariaSunshine Baby02:39

  • BarbariaThe Flying Dutchman06:25

  • BarbariaBarbaria's Tabern02:32

  • BarbariaBlackbeard03:49

  • Kahondo StyleBarbaria ( Mitapmitapia)03:26

  • BarbariaSailing Throught Seas10:53

  • BarbariaBattle Tale03:13

  • BarbariaLegions Forgotten By The Gods03:47

  • BarbariaMerciless04:12

  • BarbariaWatery Grave04:49

  • BarbariaUnder The Black Flag05:40

  • The Whisperer In DarknessBarbaria02:21

  • BarbariaBuccaneers03:40

  • BarbariaCuthroat Island04:21

  • BarbariaUnder The Black Flag07:58

  • BarbariaThe Piper03:42

  • Max BarbariaKatiemix2205:32

  • BarbariaThe Piper03:42

  • BarbariaMerciless04:12

  • BarbariaCuthroat Island04:21

  • BarbariaThe Flying Dutchman07:27

  • MoontowerInfinite Barbaria Wrath06:23

  • Yung (Prod. Max Barbaria)04:10

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