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  • Rainer TruebyAyers Rock06:43

  • Pete RockRoy Ayers Tribute Mix37:58

  • Terra AmbientFirst Light On Ayers's Rock ( For Jim )09:57

  • Rainer TruebyAyers Rock01:30

  • Patrick Phelan, Ashley Bennett, Paul BennetAyers Rock (Top Gear 2)04:22

  • Top Gear 2Ayers Rock (Sega Genesis)02:31

  • D.D. AllianceAyers Rock03:32

  • Ayers RockSong For Darwin06:56

  • Ayers RockCrazy Boys09:13

  • Dream Dance Alliance (D. D. Alliance)Ayers Rock (Edit)03:33

  • Philip Glass & Allen GinsbergPart Two Song #14 Ayers Rock-Uluru Song And 'Throw Out The Yellow Journalists...'04:06

  • Ayers RockGoin' Home03:01

  • Ayers RockNostalgic Blues04:42

  • Carlo ResoortAyers Rock07:00

  • Twilight ShiftAyers Rock02:40

  • Rainbow Serpent - The Sequel To Voyager (2006)The Magic Of Ayers Rock07:24

  • Charly AntoliniAyers Rock02:53

  • The Caution ChildrenReference To Ayers Rock02:50

  • Dream Dance AllianceAyers Rock - (original Mix)07:41

  • Rainer TruebyAyers Rock06:43

  • Top Gear 2 (Neil Biggin) (Sega)02 - Ayers Rock06:10

  • Dream Dance AllianceAyers Rock - (instrumental Edit)06:47

  • Ashley Bennet, Paul Bennet, Neil Biggin, Patrick PhelanAyers Rock (Top Gear 2 Sega)05:15

  • Ayers RockCity Nite Life02:51

  • Patrick Phelan, Ashley Bennett03 - Ayers Rock04:19

  • Top Gear IIAyers Rock (vgm) Snes03:40

  • Philip Glass & Allen GinsbergAyers Rock / Uluru Song And «Throw Out The Yellow Journalists...»04:06

  • Ashley Bennet, Paul Bennet, Neil Biggin, Patrick PhelanAyers Rock05:10

  • Top Gear 2Ayers Rock04:34

  • Midnight Oil Beds Are Burning (Instrumental Ayers Rock Mix)04:47

  • The AlpineAyers Rock04:05

  • Rainer TruebyAyers Rock06:43

  • Mario PiuAyers Rock05:41

  • Top Gear 2 OSTAyers Rock02:36

  • Roy AyersRock Your Roll06:33

  • Philip GlassAyers Rock / Uluru Song And 'Throw Out The Yellow Journalists...'04:06

  • SirGangrena - Top Gear 2Ayers Rock03:47

  • Ashley Bennet, Paul Bennet, Neil Biggin03 - Ayers Rock02:34

  • Dream Dance AllianceAyers Rock (Edit)03:33

  • ЛингвострановедениеThe Rock. Ayers Rock & The Aborigines08:56

  • My SharonaAyers Rock04:44

  • Ayers-RockГолубой вагон))02:41

  • Ayers-RockСвятая война( Сектор газа)04:50

  • An Ayers New Mix.. Demo..примерно,что вас ждет))Rock'sKiss05:52