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  • Asking AlexandriaMoving On04:07

  • Asking AlexandriaI Won't Give In 04:32

  • Breathe CarolinaSellouts (feat. Danny Worsnop Of Asking Alexandria)04:49

  • Asking AlexandriaThe Final Episode 03:56

  • Asking AlexandriaI Wont Give In04:15

  • Asking AlexandriaBreathless!04:10

  • Asking AlexandriaSeparate Ways05:23

  • Asking AlexandriaSeparate Ways (Journey Cover)05:23

  • Asking AlexandriaThe Black05:41

  • Asking AlexandriaHysteria (Def Leppard Cover)05:25

  • Asking AlexandriaCircled By The Wolves03:29

  • Asking AlexandriaRight Now (Na Na Na) (Post-Hardcore.RU)04:20

  • Asking Alexandria From Stand Up And Scream03:06

  • Asking AlexandriaThe Lost Souls04:05

  • Conquer DivideSink Your Teeth Into This (feat. Denis Shaforostov Of Asking Alexandria)03:20

  • Asking AlexandriaThe Death Of Me[Video Version]03:10

  • Asking AlexandriaThe Black (2016)04:35

  • Asking Alexandria The Death Of Me (acoustic)03:32

  • Asking AlexandriaWe'll Be OK03:57

  • Asking AlexandriaBad Luck03:27

  • Asking AlexandriaA Candlelit Dinner With Inmorta (

  • Asking AlexandriaIf You Can't Ride Two Horses At Once... (by Dakota)00:32

  • Asking AlexandriaA Prophecy(Post-Hardcore)03:28

  • Asking AlexandriaI Won't Give In (Acoustic Cover)03:32

  • Asking AlexandriaDear Insanity (Live)03:29

  • Asking Alexandria Not The American Average Vocal01:42

  • Asking AlexandriaI Won't Give In03:17

  • Asking AlexandriaDear Insanity Cover 03:09

  • Asking AlexandriaAnother Bottle Down03:30

  • Asking AlexandriaLet It Sleep04:00

  • Asking AlexandriaA Single Moment Of Sincerity03:45

  • Asking AlexandriaBreathless (BREAK FUCKING DOWN)00:43

  • Asking AlexandriaThe Death Of Me (Live Acoustic 2014) (by /mkv4fun)03:31

  • Asking AlexandriaSend Me Home04:17

  • Asking AlexandriaUndivided 03:35

  • Asking AlexandriaFriends Before Angels04:30

  • Asking Alexandria Someone, Somewhere [Instrumental Cover]03:38

  • Asking AlexandriaKilling You (Vocal Cover)03:16

  • Asking AlexandriaStand Up And Scream40:19

  • Asking AlexandriaBullets In A Music Box04:47

  • Asking AlexandriaUnjustified Expectations (Bonus Track)04:18