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  • BiboulakisIs That Too Much To Ask ? (Feat. Nina Zeitlin)03:29

  • Biboulakis Ft. Nina ZeitlinIs That Too Much To Ask03:32

  • Pitbull Feat. Christina Aguilera Feel This Moment (Averez Bootleg)Ask For Money, And Get It Viced, Ask For Advice, Get Money Twice. I'm From The Dirty, But That Chico Nice, Y'all Call It A Moment, I Call It Life. [Chorus: Christina Aguilera] One Day When The Light Is Glowing I&04:07

  • Nickelback - S.E.X.[«S» для простоты, «E» для экстаза, «X» просто чтобы оставить след, Потому что это единственное, чего ты понастоящему хочешь.] [Yes, Sex Is Always The Answer, It's Never A Question 'Cause The Answer's Yes, Oh The Answer's Yes Not Just A Suggestion, If You Ask A Question Then It's Always Yes.]03:54

  • WEVLTH 2.0Is That Too Much To Ask03:46

  • Bob Marley-Give Me Just A Little Smile That’s All I Ask Of YouDon’t Worry, Don’t Hurry, Take It Easy. Let A Good Vibes Get A Lot Stronger.Give Me, Give Me, Give Me Just A Little Smile, That’s All I Ask Of You - Is That Too Much?-Sunshine Raggae04:18

  • Tony BennettThis Is All I Ask03:18

  • Time To AskThe Devil Is Calling Me To Come03:02

  • Biboulakis Feat. Nina Zeitlin Is That Too Much To Ask03:02

  • Gary Lightbody & The AssemblyThis Is All That I Ask Of You04:12

  • Phantom LancerWe Ask Only For Peace For Our People. Is That So Much?00:05

  • Miobi_group • Tokyo Police ClubYour English Is Good (2х05 - "I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me")03:11

  • Everytime You Touch Me I Become A Hero... I'll Make You Safe No Matter Where You AreAnything You Ask For - Nothing Is Above Me... I'm Shining Like A Candle In The Dark When You Tell Me That You Love Me 04:12

  • BONESWalkin' Through The Catacombs Bitches Try To Tag Along .Exe Up On Your Men If He Act Microsoft Macintosh, [?] 101 Blunts And A Glass Of Voss Want To Chill, Ask Your Boss Hope That Job Is Payin' Off Cash, Cash, Cash All I Fuckin' See Is Cash Ge01:35

  • BiboulakisIs That Too Much To Ask?03:28

  • 3 Doors DownIf I Had To I Would Put Myself Right Beside You So Let Me Ask Would You Like That? Would You Like That? And I Don't Mind If You Say This Love Is The Last Time So Now I'll Ask Do You Like That? Do You Like That? No Something's 04:44

  • Shota Osabe Piano TrioThis Is All I Ask04:54

  • Make Me FamousMaking Me Take Such A Hard Decision Hours I've Spent With You What's Left Is To Ask Permission To Leave This So Untrue04:08

  • ♡ Breaking BenjaminThe Diary Of Jane ♡ And I Don't Mind If You Say This Love Is The Last Time So Now I'll Ask Do You Like That? DO YOU LIKE THAT? No03:23

  • Toygar IşıklıYine Ask (Kara Para Aşk) (♥ For Turkey)04:05

  • JoJoSe 1: Jojo] Can Somebody Explain To Me Why Everybody Is Trying To Be Living Like A Celebrity Doing What They See On MTV. Ice Is Cool But I Am Looking For More, Simple Things Is What My Heart Beats For. Cause Its Me I Don't Ask For Much Ba03:11

  • Bruno Mars Feat. ClaudeGirl I Wait (Shouts) ( 2o11 ) Wish We Could Run It Off But We Can't Stop Time Seems The Clock Is Running Too Fast And Now I'm Feeling Lost And I Can't Read Your Mind But You Don't Have To Ask02:32

  • Celeste Prince (Сладкий ноябрь)Wherever You Are. Time Has Come, What's Done Is Done It's Time To Move On To Another Place, Another Space, Maybe Circling Some Other Sun Don't Ask Why, Don't Ask How I Still Can't Explain To Say Goodbye, Goodbye For Now04:17

  • Clark TerryThis Is All I Ask02:13

  • Ed AcheAll I Ask Of You Is Everything02:03

  • Matt Mancid [Life Is Beautiful Trance Collection] Don't You Ask Yourself (Uplifting Trance Version)07:31

  • Nat King ColeThis Is All I Ask04:29

  • Taylor SwiftI'd Lie... I Could Tell You His Favorite Colour's Green, He Loves To Argue, Born On The 3th, His Sister Is Beautiful, He Has His Father's Eyes, And If You Ask Me If I Love Him.. I'd Lie.... 03:46

  • Dayna KurtzAll I Ask Is Your Love05:34

  • Клика и ДжафарI LOVE YOU( I Love You, You Are A Fate My, From Sky Sent Lord Long-awaited, All That Want Ask, Will Carry Out All Wishes, Burn From The Love, As There Is A Candle Ablaze...)03:19

  • Revolution Of The MindAll We Ask Is Trust (prod. By Snowgoons)02:42

  • BlacklistersAsk Yourself A Question If The Answer Is Go Fuck Yourself04:51

  • Alvin Risk Vs Kill The Noise Vs SkrillexAll I Ask Of You Is To Kill The Noise (Sean Johnson's Skrillex In Miami Reboot)04:02

  • ExpressionsAsk-How-Someone-Is00:26

  • ...★...Владимир Дантес и Ева Бушмина...★.- ♥When You Tell Me That You Love Me♥Everytime You Touch Me I Become A Hero, I`ll Make You Safe No Matter Where You Are...And Bring You Everything You Ask For, Nothing Is Above Me I`m Shining Like A Candle In The Dark...when You Tell Me That You Love Me...♥♥♥04:07

  • AvenAll I Want (Ferry Corsten Remix) All I Wanna Do Is To Spend Some Time With You And All I Ask Of You Is To Bring Me Back To You {Trance_Love_Л♥Я}05:04

  • Bob BarnardAll That I Can Ask Of You Is Love03:37

  • TWELVE BAR BLUES BAND, 2012 "Life Is Hard"Don't Ask Me Why05:46

  • Вакуленко-Баста Vs Алексеев-Noize + Original Version (Joan Osborne)If God Had A Name, What Would It Be And Would You Call It To His Face If You Were Faced With Him In All His Glory What Would You Ask If You Had Just One Question And Yeah Yeah God Is Great Yeah Yeah God Is Good Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!10:28

  • Emma LouiseAll We Ask Is Time02:14

  • Voice ASK Life Is StrangeМеждународный день бабищ.05:56

  • Ева Бушмина и Владимир ДантесAnd Baby Everytime You Touch Me I Become A Hero I'll Make You Safe No Matter Where You Are And Bring You Anything You Ask For Nothing Is Above Me I'm Shining Like A Candle In The Dark When You Tell Me That You Love Me..04:04

  • Voice ASK Life Is StrangeНовогодняя сказка. 06:32

  • Bob MarleyGive Me Just A Little Smile, That's All I Ask Of You) Is It Too Much?) La La La) Sun Shine, Sun Shine Reggie! 04:18