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  • ApostisyNever To Return06:13

  • ApostisyAnd Thus It Was And Forever Will Be07:01

  • ApostisyFamine Of A Thousand Frozen Years08:19

  • ApostisyOn The Fields Of Battle01:31

  • ApostisyLest We Forget05:57

  • ApostisySo It Begins05:22

  • ApostisyDance Of The Dead07:58

  • ApostisyIn Account Of My Death08:55

  • ApostisySnava Skogsstig05:52

  • ApostisyDen Okande Krigar07:08

  • ApostisyDet Kvarglomd09:59

  • ApostisyFirst Frost Of A Winters Day06:33

  • ApostisySympathy For The Dead01:36

  • ApostisyBlood That Covers All Sin07:16

  • ApostisyAmongst The Shadows Of Remembrance07:59

  • ApostisyBlood That Covers All Sin07:17

  • ApostisyGardens Of Grim Defeat05:50