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  • AOORA (아우라) [AA/DoubleA] #Can't Stop (Feat. Tiffany & Anna)03:10

  • AOORA (아우라) [AA/DoubleA] 낮져밤이 (Body Party) (Feat. Betty Rose)03:10

  • AOORA (아우라)밤꽃 (Moonlight Bloom)03:18

  • Aoora (아우라) [DoubleA] 바닐라 스카이 (Vanilla Sky)04:30

  • AooraYou, Will, Romantic03:02

  • 아우라(AOORA)쥬시(JUICY)(Feat Hi Yeon)03:22

  • 아우라 (AOORA)럽스타그램 (feat. 나아람)03:28

  • AOORA(아우라) 미친놈(Heartfreak) 69 Ver.01:09

  • 아우라 (AOORA) [DOUBLE A/AA] 바닐라 스카이 (Vanilla Sky) (Inst.)04:30

  • AOORA, HoikMorning Afternoon Evening (Ft. Taeyeon) (Chinese Ver.)03:13

  • AA (Double A)Aoora-gnEL♡Ve Back03:10

  • AA [더블에이] Aoora04:00

  • AOORA, HoikMorning Afternoon Evening (Ft. Taeyeon Of She′z) (Korean Ver.)03:13

  • AOORA (아우라) [AA/DoubleA] 너.내일.로맨틱 (You.Will.Romantic)03:03

  • Cover By AOORA & HOIK Cheerleader02:14

  • AOORA (아우라) [AA/DoubleA] 미친놈 (Heartfreak) (69 Mix)01:11

  • Aoora(Double A)Down (Jay Sean)01:27

  • 아우라(AOORA)철이 안 들어서 (Fools) (Feat. 김휘성&FEELGOOD)02:53

  • Shahjaan DawoodiSHUMA AOORA MAGAWAREY05:01

  • AA (Double A)Aoora-gnE“Loveback Part II” Rap Remix [ft. Park Jiwoon]03:09

  • AA [더블에이] Aoora꿈 [Instrumental]04:01

  • AOORA [AA]Heartfreak (69 Mix)01:10

  • AOORA Grab Or Bite (ver.2)00:44

  • 아우라(AOORA)불꽃축제 (Firework) (Feat. 박살)03:00

  • Aoora (아우라)럽스타그램 (feat. 나아람)03:32

  • AOORA [AA/DoubleA] ONE MORE TIME (feat. Jouet) (ver.4)00:41

  • AOORA [AA/DoubleA] ONE MORE TIME (feat. Jouet) (ver.3)00:40

  • 아우라(AOORA) 'Just Give Me A Reason' Cover (P!nk) 02:36

  • AOORA [AA/DoubleA] ONE MORE TIME (feat. Jouet)00:32

  • AOORA Grab Or Bite (ver.3)00:51

  • CulturnoAoora (Drum'n'Bass)04:37

  • AOORA [AA/DoubleA] ONE MORE TIME (feat. Jouet) (ver.2)00:32

  • AOORAFirework (Ft. 박살)03:00

  • 아우라 (AOORA), 호익 아침 점심 저녁 (Feat. 태연 Of She′z) (Korean Ver.)03:10

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