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  • Anti-FlagSodom, Gomorrah, Washington DC02:59

  • Anti-FlagIndie Sux, Hardline Sux, Emo Sux, You Suck02:07

  • Anti-FlagNo Future02:36

  • Anti-FlagNo Future02:35

  • Anti-FlagStars And Stripes03:33

  • Anti-FlagBroken Bones03:01

  • Anti-Flag911 For Peace03:34

  • Anti-FlagSodom, Gomorrah, Washington D. C.02:50

  • Anti-FlagWelcome To 198402:27

  • Anti-FlagBroken Bones03:01

  • Anti FlagPUNK-PRAYER “Virgin Mary, Redeem Us Of Putin” (Pussy Riot Cover)02:27

  • Anti-FlagBroken Bones03:01

  • Anti-FlagPower To The Peaceful02:56

  • Anti-FlagTurncoat02:09

  • Anti-FlagRank-N-File03:46

  • Anti FlagAmerica Got It Right02:56

  • Anti-FlagRight To Choose02:59

  • Anti-FlagWake Up!02:35

  • Anti FlagFuck The Flag00:52

  • Anti-FlagYou Are Fired (Take This Job, Ah, Fuck It)01:00

  • Anti-FlagSafe Tonight02:42

  • Anti-FlagBacon02:46

  • Anti-FlagClose My Eyes02:35

  • Anti-FlagYou've Gotta Die For Your Goverment03:38

  • Anti-FlagVirgin Mary, Redeem Us Of Putin02:27

  • Anti-FlagThe Ranks Of The Masses Rising02:28

  • Anti-FlagWake Up02:28

  • Anti-FlagWar Sucks, Let's Party!02:18

  • Anti-FlagNo Future (2014)02:38

  • Anti-FlagDie For The Government03:38

  • Anti-FlagWhen You Don't Control Your Government, People Want To Kill You02:48

  • Anti-flagShe's My Little Go Go Dancer02:22

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