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  • Rihanna-StayAll Along It Was A Fever A Cold With High-headed Believers I Threw My Hands In The Air I Said Show Me Something He Said, If You Dare Come A Little Closer Round And Around And Around And Around We Go Ohhh Now Tell Me Now Tell Me Now Tell Me Now You Know 03:56

  • The GameAll Doggs Go To Heaven (R.I.P. Nate Dogg)04:12

  • ScorpionsStill Loving You(If We'd Go Again All The Way From The Start I Would Try To Change The Things That Killed Our Love Yes, I've Hurt Your Pride And I Know What You've Been Through You Should Give Me A Chance This Can't Be The End I'm Stil06:08

  • G-SpotYou Know That Sadness Is When You're All Alone It's Tragic Gotta Start All Over But Don't You Think There Is No Cure At All I Know Your Sadness Has Got You All Alone You Had It Then You Let It Go But Don't You Think There Is No 02:41

  • !Let’s Go All The Way Tonight No Regrets, Just Love We Can Dance Until We Die You And I We’ll Be Young Forever03:47

  • Pitbull Feat. Trina And Young BossGo Girl...Go Girl I Party Like A Rockstar ... Look Like A Movie Star ... Play Like An All Star ... Fuck Like A Pornstar ... Baby I'm A Superstar03:50

  • Sia- I Go To Sleepღ♥ღlღ♥ღl.•♥•.I Was Wrong, I Will Cry, I Will Love You Till The Day I Die, You Were All, You Alone And No One Else, You Were Meant For Me ღ♥ღl.•♥•.03:46

  • Music Go MusicLove Is All I Can Hear04:09

  • Scorpions - I'm Still Loving You If We'd Go Again All The Way From The Start I Would Try To Change The Things That Killed Our Love Your Pride Has Built A Wall So Strong That I Can't Get Through Is There Really No Chance To Start Once Again?..I'm Loving You!..05:19

  • John NewmanLove Me Again No I've Done Wrong, Left Your Heart Torn Is That What Devils Do? Took You So Long, Where All That Force Go? I Shook The Angel In You Now I'm Rising From The Ground Rising Up Toward You Filled With All The Strength I've Fou02:56

  • ATB Feat. Tiff Lacey - You`re My EverythingYou Are You Are All I’ll Ever Need You’re My Everything I Want To Thank You, For Not Giving Up On Me I Want To Thank You, For Believing What Could Be You See It Means So Very Much To Me I Want To Thank You, For Never Letting Go I Want To Thank Yo05:06

  • Melanie Martinez Round And Round Like A Horse On A Carousel, We Go, Will I Catch Up To Love? I Could Never Tell, I Know, Chasing After You Is Like A Fairytale, But I, Feel Like I'm Glued On Tight To This Carousel Come, Come One, Come All, You Must Be This Tall To Rid03:50

  • LOLI'm Falling In, I'm Falling Down. I Wanna Begin But I Don't Know How. To Let You Know, How I'm Feeling. I'm High On Hope, I'm Really. And I Won't Let You Go, Now You Know. I've Been Crazy For You All This Time. I&a03:19

  • Let's Go ProjectSo You Say You're Giving Up I Will Not Beg You To Come Back Just Leave And I Will Say We We We We We We Wepennaae If You Party Tonight Say Wepennaaee If You Feel All Right Say Wepennaeee Now Just Take Your Friends And Wepennaaee Everybody Just Say E 03:32

  • Enrique Iglesias Feat. Whitney HoustonCould I Have This Kiss Forever Over And Over I Look In Your Eyes You Are All I Desire You Have Captured Me I Want To Hold I Want To Be Close To You I Never Want To Let Go I Wish That This Night Would Never End I Need To Know Could I 04:21

  • Pitbull (Ft. Trina & Young Bos)Go Girl ( I Party Like A Rock Star, Look Like A Movie Star, I Play Like An All Star, Fuck Like A Porn Star, Baby I'm A Super Star)03:52

  • Merry ChristmasCristmas Is All Around I Feel It In My Fingers I Feel It In My Toes Christmas Is All Around Me And So The Feeling Grows It's Written In The Wind It's Everywhere I Go So If You Really Love Christmas C'mon And Let It Snow You Know I Love Chri03:52

  • Sheena Easton & Jessi CortiI Will Always Be With You (All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 OST)02:25

  • David Guetta Feat. Chris Brown - Yeah 3хMove Your Body, Out On The Floor Put Your Troubles Aside And Start Living Anybody, Can't Let Go, Throw Away All Your Problems, Cause Right Now It's Party Time Girl Dont Feel Outta Place Coz I, Im In Love With This Feelin' Now, Now Ahhhahh03:13

  • Music Go MusicLove Is All I Can Hear03:51

  • Powder! Go AwayAll The Rest Are R.I.P03:38

  • SpodeeAll I Want [Prod. By 30 Roc & Go Grizzly For Winners Circle]02:37

  • Ellie GouldingUnder The Sheets (Baby Monster Remix) Where Did The People Go? My Hands Are Empty You’re Not The Answer I Should Know Like All The Boys Before, Like All The Boys Before04:42

  • MELOVIN - Костя Бочаров Live (Xfactor)Hello, It's Me 03:25

  • Avril LavigneSmile (Аcoustic) You Know That I'm A Crazy Bitch I Do What I Want, When I Feel Like It All I Wanna Do Is Lose Control But You Don't Really Give A Shit Ya Go With It, Go With It, Go With It 'Cause You're Fuckin' Crazy Rock N' Roll 03:32

  • Kevin And Perry Go LargeAll I Wanna Do Is Do It02:53

  • Mario & UsherI Kno Your Worth..wat You Deserve, For Me To Put You First Girl Ill Do Better Its Us Against Them N I Dont Want Em To Win Baby Im Gona Change Baby Ill Neva Let You Substitute My Love (baby No Ill Neva Letchu Go No) Coz I Know That You Been In N Out All I 03:35

  • Puff DaddyBig Homie (feat. Rick Ross & French Montana) [Hook: Diddy] You Could Go To Any Hood, Bet They Know Me Rose Gold Pinky Ring; Master Rollie Boy, You'se A Little Nigga; Gary Coleman I Be Calling All The Shots, I'm Big Homie Big Hom04:14

  • Serge Devant And Emma HewittDon't Go Underground Without Me, Please Take Me To Your World... In The Night I Found You, Now I Walk Without You Thought I Would Be Safer Here, But All I See Is Where You WERE... Now The Night Surrounds You, And I Walk Without You... Where Are Yo03:41

  • Музыка из фильма Сумерки Go All The Way (Into The Twilight) – Perry Farrell Tremble For My Beloved – Collective Soul I Caught Myself – Paramore Eyes On Fire – Blue Foundation Never Think – Rob Pattinson Flightless Bird, American Mouth – Iron And Wine Bella’s Lullaby – Carter Bur02:37

  • RihannaLoving You Is Suicide I Don't Know Should Go Or Should I Stay I'm Tryna To Keep Myself Alive Knowing There's A Chance It's All Too Late But I Heard You Say You Love Me That's The Part I Can't Forget And I Wish That You Come Save Me03:25

  • SANDRAIt Goes Around My Heart.What A Criminal Man.Life Will Go In Circles.All Around My Heart.Hey Hey.It's Such A Dangerous Game.I'm Afraid You'd Lose Your Trust In Love03:42

  • ХоМаTell Me Where To Go, Tell Me What To Do, I’ll Be Right There For You Tell Me What To Say, Don’t Matter If It’s True, I’ll Say It All For You [Verse 1: Eminem] I Used To Be The Type Of Kid That, Would Always Think The Sky Is Falling Why Am I So Differentl04:56