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  • The All-American RejectsStab My Back03:10

  • DBMM & Dragon Suplex Take It All Back (Long & Harris Remix)06:24

  • DBMM, Dragon SuplexTake It All Back (Original Mix)05:54

  • All Them WitchesWhen God Comes Back03:33

  • Dragon Suplex & DBMMTake It All Back (Long & Harris Remix)06:26

  • DVJ BurzhuyEpatage #172 Tr 5-6 (5. Marcel Woods, Vanbot - Bring It Back Feat. Vanbot (Original Mix) 6. Uberjak'd - All I Need (feat. Nuthin' Under A Million))09:36

  • The CaretakerAll You Are Going To Want To Do Is Get Back There03:45

  • Glee CastIt's All Coming Back To Me (OST Glee 3x21) 05:23

  • 1. All NativeBack In The Days (OST Дети 90х)01:49

  • Cali Swag DistrictSuper Bumpin' (Back It Up And Dump It) (Шаг вперед 5: Все или ничего | Step Up All In )[]04:00

  • For All Those SleepingTake Back Everything (Bonus Track) (Post-Hardcore.RU)03:19

  • KoetheTake It All Back (feat. Eduard Frolov EFG)03:23

  • [Christina Aguilera]Who Is That Girl I See Staring Straight Back At Me. Why Is My Reflection Someone I Dont Know, Must I Pretend That I'm, Someone Else For All Time, When Will My Reflection Show Who I Am Inside.03:33

  • Naughty BoyRunnin’ (Lose It All) Ft. Arrow Benjamin (Stripped Back Live Session)03:24

  • All Them WitchesWhen God Comes Back03:21

  • The Material MusicGive It All Back03:31

  • Big FreediaY'all Get Back Now (Token Remix)04:33

  • Dj Маша Силуянова I'm The Sexy Girl I Like When You Fuck Me Well. You Are Come Back For Me So Tell Me Why That Can't You See My Body My Pussy My Ass And My Mouth. All It's Waiting For Your Fuck.mp303:28

  • Glee Cast Its All Coming Back To Me Now05:23

  • Thousand Foot KrutchBe Somebody03:42

  • Bordertown All This Before (Volac Back To 90's Remix)03:56

  • Celine DionIt's All Coming Back To Me Now03:33

  • Easytech - I'm The Sexy Girl (Ne!Tan Remix)I Am The Sexy Girl, I Like When You Fuck Me Well. You Are Come Back For Me, So Tell Me Why That Can't You See: My Body, My Pussy, My Ass And My Mouth. All It's Waiting For Your Fuck, For Your Fuck! 04:00


  • 2NE1 - Come Back Home (cover By All For Dream)04:20

  • Let's Go ProjectSo You Say You're Giving Up I Will Not Beg You To Come Back Just Leave And I Will Say We We We We We We Wepennaae If You Party Tonight Say Wepennaaee If You Feel All Right Say Wepennaeee Now Just Take Your Friends And Wepennaaee Everybody Just Say E 03:32

  • Avstin JamesBack 2 All (Drake & Manila Killa)03:52

  • ♫All In All♪|SpankHit It From The Back01:46

  • Huey MackTake It All Back (prod. By Lu Balz)03:32

  • OceanaWhen She Was A Young Girl She Used To Play With Me I Was Her Best Friend, We Were Inseparately We Loved To Ride Our Bikes, Playin' Hide And Seek Sneeking All The Night, Dancing In The Street I Look Back At The Time, Now I Realise.03:16

  • DJ PeretseBack To The Future (All In One)51:25

  • Big GeminiiBack All In It03:37

  • Sam Obernik Feat. Dada Feat. Paul HarrisWell All You Shy Double Brothers Get Your Booty Fly Girls. Get Up And Dance Like A Lover, Lovers Making It Work Get Down, Get Down, Get Down Get It On, Show Love And Give It Up. Well All You Sisters And Brothers Back To Back On The Floor Ah’ From 03:47

  • Sum 4102 - Nothing On My Back (2001 - All Killer, No Filler)03:01

  • Digital BackFeel It All (Original Mix) [Dushe Label]06:31

  • Taking Back SundayNothing At All03:59

  • One DirectionMaybe It's The Way She Walked, Straight Into My Heart And Stole It Through The Doors And Past The Guards, Just Like She Already Own It I Said Can You Give It Back To Me, She Said Never In Your Wildest Dreams And We Danced All Night To The Be03:05

  • All Things Will EndThere's No Turning Back All Things Will End (feat. Tyler Carter) (Post-Hardcore.RU)04:13