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  • Glee CastA Thousand Years05:06

  • Jasmine ThompsonA Thousand Years03:42

  • Ill AngelicA Thousand Years07:34

  • Christina PerriA Thousand Years (Beside Lights Cover)04:06

  • Matt McAndrewA Thousand Years03:55

  • Celia PaveyA Thousand Years03:03

  • Christina Perri A Thousand YearsOne Step Closer04:44

  • ↯Christina Perri A Thousand Years (KiloVilla Remix) 07:37

  • The Hillywood Show®A Thousand Years 02:56

  • Anna Weatherup VS Celia PaveyA Thousand Years02:59

  • Cristina PerriA Thousand Years 03:17

  • Kevin Karla & La BandaA Thousand Years (Christina Perri Cover)04:22

  • Anna Weatherup And Celia PaveyAnna Weatherup And Celia Pavey Sing A Thousand Years The Voice Australia 02:58

  • A Thousand Years Of PlaguesJudas Iscariot03:55

  • Christina Perri A Thousand YearsHeart Beats Fast Colors And Promises How To Be Brave How Can I Love When I'm Afraid To Fall But Watching You Stand Alone All Of My Doubt Suddenly Goes Away Somehow One Step Closer I Have Died Everyday Waiting For You Darling Don't Be Afraid, I Ha04:42

  • Boyce AvenueA Thousand Years - Christina Perri (Boyce Avenue04:44

  • Megan & Liz And Paradise Fears A Thousand Years (Christina Perri Cover)04:42

  • Boyce AvenueA Thousand Years (christina Perri Acoustic Cover)04:18

  • Aimée Proal And Lindsey StirlingA Thousand Years ( Christina Perri Cover)04:36

  • Nicholas McDonaldA Thousand Years - Arena Auditions01:31

  • сhristina PerriA Thousand Years05:16

  • Celia PaveyA Thousand Years [Low Bass By Oleg]02:57

  • Boyce AvenueA Thousand Years04:23

  • Christina PerriA Thousand Years (минус пониженный)04:44

  • Christina PeriA Thousand Years05:01

  • Sting & MarizaA Thousand Years05:05

  • Christina PerriA Thousand Years (piano)04:39


  • Christina PerriA Thousand Years (минус)04:44

  • Christina Perri Feat. Steve KazeeA Thousand Years [Part 2]05:10

  • Matt McAndrewA Thousand Years (The Voice Performance)03:55

  • Christina PerriA Thousand Years [Nightcore Remix]03:58

  • Gabi Luthai Feat. Lu BoneventiA Thousand Years04:50

  • Robin Meloy GoldsbyA Thousand Years04:43

  • Jasmine ThompsonA Thousand Years03:19