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  • Tate StevensPower Of A Love Song03:11

  • Christina MarieAye... Hmmm... Dreams Are Like Angels They Keep Bad At Bay Love Is The Light Scaring Darkness Away I'm So In Love With You Make Love Your Goal The Power Of Love A Force From Above Cleaning My Soul Flame On Burn Desire Love With Tongues Of Fire Purge02:10

  • Huey Lewis And The NewsThe Power Of Love (A John ''Jellybean'' Benitez Mix)07:13

  • MadonnaI Believe In The Power Of Living For Love (BR.A.VE MIX)07:11

  • Sofia Nikol Candiani & Eric Jimenez Sentimental Mood A Kind Of Sometimes I’m Looking That’s Because I’m In Love With You Your Words Can Be My Comfort On My Crazy Place That Cons You're The One Who Controls My Truth You Have The Power To Keep Me Safe Or To Bring Me On Empty Space...03:41

  • Tower Of PowerYour Love Is Like A Little Rain05:01

  • Jennyfer LopezBrave...As The Light Of Day Straight Into A Cave To Show Me The Way, That I Might Be Saved Now Im Turning The Page Thanks To The Power Of Love I Can Love Because I Am Brave I Am Brave, I Am Brave...04:09

  • James AThe Power Of Love (Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Cover) 02:00

  • A.L.B.A.Power Of Love (Scotty Remix)06:05

  • Power Of ParadoxMassive Love (N.A.S.A Mix)03:32

  • Andrei KrylovStanding On The Top Of The World (Accessing The Unconscious To Find A True Love And Power)05:58

  • A Dal 2016 - Török JázminPower Of Love (A Dal 2016)02:52

  • Huey Lewis And The NewsThe Power Of Love (A John ''Jellybean'' Benitez Mix)07:14

  • GARY MOORE - Corridors Of Power (1982)10. Love Can Make A Fool Of You04:06

  • Dj. Gedeon (Jorge A. Vazquez Rmz.)The Power Of Love (Extendet Version)07:22

  • G҉E҉R҉ǾИН҈Ӄ҈A ♠ﮯ♠r ♫♥Селин Дион-The Power Of Love04:46

  • Dan Balan(The Power Of Shower)Love Is A Simple Thing03:08

  • Trotters Independent TradersA. Power Of Love05:59

  • Messiah Project - A Kingdom Of Heaven (2006)POWER OF LOVE - RELAX VERSION04:41

  • Within TemptationThe Power Of Love (Frankie Goes To Hollywood Cover) | Light_a_star03:51

  • A.L.B.AThe Power Of Love (Dj Spectroman Aka Ad Voca Remix)04:48

  • I BELIEVE IN LOVE AND POWER OF LOVE ... . - I'll Wait For You Forever, My Love, I'll Remember, Believe, Live And Not Give Up, When You Do Not Wait, And The Rain Is A Wall, I Know ... I'll Be Thinking Night And Day That You, Like A Candle Light, Burn One, Under A Sky Blue. When The ..03:26

  • Dan Hartman-84Power Of A Good Love03:46

  • Ayumi HamasakiLove Song (ayumi Hamasaki ~POWER Of MUSIC~ A 2011 Ver.)04:18

  • Dj A.n.d.y.The Power Of Love (Extended Version)05:35

  • A-Staff The Power Of Love 201404:05

  • Darina Rolincová A Simon BowmanPower Of My Love (1988).mp302:23

  • Dj. Gedeon (Jorge A. Vazquez Rmz.)The Power Of Love (Extendet Version)07:22

  • Frog' A BillyPower Of Love05:25

  • CappellaU R The Power Of Love (R.A.F. Zone Mix)06:57

  • <>L<>A<>U<>R<>A<>Power Of Love04:15

  • Bonkers 03 - A Journey Into Madness (CD1)04 - Q-Tex - Power Of Love '97 (The Digital Boy Italian Rave Remix)02:44

  • Absolutely Elegant_Al Storm & EuphonyPower Of Love_Give A Little Love07:24

  • Thomas 'Coke' Escovedo With Tower Of Power HornsDoesn't Anybody Want To Hear A Love Song03:25

  • DJ Ivan Scratchin' On MegapolisRemix 55 (The Reason | Love In Japan | Flower Power)a Piece Of Rip09:52

  • Nosferatu D2We’ll Play The Power Of Love By Frankie Goes To Hollywood A Thousand Times Tonight03:54

  • Vinyl For Sale3.- Hot Chocolate - Power Of Love/Everybody 1's A Winner RAK Rec.Cond - Ex.Price - 3 $04:01

  • SpecialA Victory Of Love (Music System Power Remix) (Demo Cut)04:13

  • A.L.B.A.Power Of Love (Scotty Remix) Www.livingelectro.com06:05

  • НеизвестенFaith In A Power Of Love07:30

  • Арпине абкарянThe Power Of Love (a Capello)03:15

  • A.L.B.A. Feat Beverlee Power Of Love (Dj Scotty Radio Edit) 03:04

  • A.L.B.A. Feat. BeverleePower Of Love (Belmond & Parker Edit Remix)03:44