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  • 5URPRISEFrom My Heart03:33

  • 티어라이너 (Tearliner) Feat. 서프라이즈 (5urprise)너를 채운다. 너를 지운다 (Cheese In The Trap OST)03:22

  • 5URPRISE (서프라이즈)JUMP02:53

  • 5urpriseHey U Come On03:11

  • Seo Kang Joon (5urprise)Letter To Me 03:02

  • 5urpriseI Sing For You03:58

  • Tearliner (티어라이너) Feat. 5urprise (서프라이즈) [Cheese In The Trap OST Part.4]너를 채운다. 너를 지운다. 03:22

  • 5urprise & Kim So Eun우리앞의 생이 끝나갈때01:46

  • 5urpriseAfter School Bokbulbok02:03

  • GongMyung (5urprise)Only You (RAGE OST)04:00

  • 5urpriseThe Song From The 5th Episode Of ASB02:21

  • 5urpriseOnce More03:39

  • 5urpriseFrom My Heart 03:32

  • 5urprise5URPRISE Flight03:30


  • 5URPRISE (서프라이즈)From My Heart (Inst.)03:33

  • 5urprise (서프라이즈) 학교종이 땡땡땡 (Clean Ver)00:18

  • 5urpriseHey U Come On [Afterschool Bokbulbok OST] 03:12

  • [Cheese In The Trap] TearlinerFills You. Erase You. (feat. 5urprise)03:22

  • [CK] 5urprise / SurpriseHey U Come On [OST "After School Bokbulbok" Compilation] [16/09/13]03:12

  • YouIl (5urprise)니가 궁금해 @ You'll Lo Me OST 03:24

  • 5urpriseJUMP (Inst.)02:53

  • 5urpriseSHAKE IT UP03:38

  • 5urpriseHey U Come On (Inst.)03:11

  • 5urprise (서프라이즈)학교종이 땡땡땡 (Rock Ver.) [Afterschool Bokbulbok OST]00:45

  • 5urprise (서프라이즈) 학교종이 땡땡땡 (Clean Ver.) [Afterschool Bokbulbok OST]00:15

  • 5urpriseDo You Feel02:54

  • 5urpriseOnce More03:36

  • [CK] 5urprise / Surprise학교종이 땡땡땡 (Rock Ver.) [OST "After School Bokbulbok" Compilation] [16/09/13]00:46

  • [CK] 5urprise / Surprise학교종이 땡땡땡 (Clean Ver.) [OST "After School Bokbulbok" Compilation] [16/09/13]00:18

  • 5urprise5urprise Flight03:27

  • 5URPRISEFrom My Heart (ver.2)00:30

  • 5urprise(サプライズ) SHAKE IT UP (MV Ver.)03:35

  • 5urpriseIntro (OST See You After School)00:29

  • 5urpriseTeenage Love03:43

  • 5URPRISEFrom My Heart00:35

  • 5urprise/SurpriseHey U Come On03:12

  • 5URPRISEFrom My Heart (ver.3)00:28

  • 5urpriseSHAKE IT UP (Inst.)03:38

  • 5urpriseShake It Up (Inst.)03:38

  • 5urpriseTeenage Love (Inst.)03:40